Beartooth proudly introduces BearGrip CAST (Camo Anti-Slip Tape) the first ever safety tape printed in Patent Camouflage. All purpose, heavy-duty tape can be applied anyplace where footing is critical. Anti-slip grit tape is a fast and easy way to add traction and prevent accidents. Tape will adhere to any clean, dry surface including metal, wood and concrete. BearGrip is intended for both indoor and outdoor applications, and is water-proof under normal conditions.

Don’t Slip - Get BearGrip
Applications: Boats, Trailers, Ramps, Truck Beds, Running Boards, Tree-Stands, ATVs or anywhere a safe concealed tread is required.

Each package contains: 1 Roll = 4" x 120" (10ft.) 46 Grit.
Adheres to wood, metal and concrete

SKU :001059

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