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Ox Red Mainspring NO.4

19.83 (Including VAT at 20%)
Hunting Accessories

Hw35 Diana Original Rws 52 48

SPRING MEASURES 23mm x 240mm internal diameter is 16mm

The NEW OX Accelerator mainspring is Furnace Bake-Coated with MOLYBDENUM & PTFE For Progressive Lubrication & Rapid Acceleration For Up To 40 per cent more compressed poundage than conventional mainsprings. Worth a little extra.

Remember that the number of coils and diameter are important the old spring will be shorter as it is worn out. Remember the legal limit without an FAC is that the gun must be under 12 foot pounds. Requires some knowledge and tools to fit. May need to be shortened to obtain the correct legal power limit.

SKU :27185

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