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Tracer Lithium-ion Battery Pack 12v 10Ah

147.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
Hunting Accessories

The NEW Lithium Ion Power Pack from Deben will make you wonder how you managed to carry large and heavy sealed lead acid batteries around. This battery pack has improved power delivery as well as being one third of the weight when compared to the sealed lead acid equivalent. It is fitted with the Tracer bullet connector - simply plug the gunlight straight into the battery pack. The lightweight power pack is enclosed in an attractive green and black shock absorbing case designed to easily slip into a large pocket or into the included outer canvas carry case.

This battery pack is supplied with a purpose designed mains charger and cigar connector for 12v lights. Suitable for many uses in addition high power lights. Lightweight & easy to carry
High performance
Power stays constant for longer
Recharges in half the time (compared to sealed lead acid batteries)
Suitable for many uses

SKU :87242

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