Clenzoil - Lambs Wool Applicator (5 in Diameter)

Clenzoil - Lambs Wool Applicator (5 in Diameter)

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Clenzoil soft lambs wool applicator



Clenzoils lamb wool applicators are made of the highest quality vegetable-tanned wool allowing for its multi-surface use with no detriment or harm whatsoever to any finish.

High quality lambs wool applicators are approximately 5 diameter and are perfect for use with our Clenzoil Solution or Patches.

Simply pour a generous amount of Clenzoil onto the lambs wool applicator and use it to wipe down..

Use it to buffer-up a shine to your fine finish.

If youve not yet tried Clenzoil, it will do more than just clean like a solvent. It will also lubricate like ultra-fine, premium grade oil. In fact, it will lubricate so well, You wont need any additional lubricants. Yet unlike most other lubricants, it doesnt need to remain wet to continue performing as a premium grade lubricant. This gives it the advantage of not attracting dust, sand or dirt to the surface area or for that matter attracting that debris into the inner workings.
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Additional Information

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