Daystate Air Rifles

Daystate Air Rifles


Avalon Guns are now a premium stockist of Daystate Air Rifles.


Daystate is the pioneer of the modern precharged pneumatic air rifle with a reputation for being the world leader in airgun innovation. Their range of high quality airguns feature sophisticated technology not seen in products by other leading manufacturers.


Daystate Red Wolf Serie RossoThe Daystate "Red Wolf" Serie Rosso is their latest limited edition air gun we are privileged to have in stock. Just 200 of these guns will be available worldwide! Individually numbered and complete with a certificate of authenticity. It features elegant engraving on its breech block, carbon fibre bottle, matching carbon fibre barrel shroud and is supplied in a hard case.

Its ambidextrous stock is what really makes this gun stand out. Rosso red and grey laminates combine to give this stock a stunning contrast. Available in .177 or .22 as well as higher powered .22, .25 & .303 calibres. For the more traditional style shooter the Red Wolf is also available in a wood finish - if there isn't one on our shelf then we can get exactly what you are looking for at a competitive price.


Daystate Wolverine 2 The Daystate "Wolverine 2" is an evolution of the original Wolverine. Revamped from the original 2013 model but still available in 4 distinct types.

C Type features a 300cc under barrel air tube,
B Type features a 400cc bottle for a higher shot count.
The Hi-Lite has a 480cc carbon fibre buddy bottle for up to 250 shots per charge.
Finally the HP type is for FAC rated larger calibres .22, .25 and .303 with muzzle energy capability of 60, 70 and 100ft/lbs respectively



Daystate PulsarThe Daystate "Pulsar" features unique ergonomics and a sophisticated computer controlled action, a digital regulator and valve system to control the rifles power and ensure maximum efficiency from the 300cc aluminium air cylinder.

Its near silent action is helped further by the sound moderating barrel shroud. This model can be pushed to stealth mode with the addition of the Daystate Airstream VI carbon fibre silencer. The Wolverine 2 also features a picatinny rail for accessories, 10 shot auto loading rotary magazine and an LCD display screen.



Daystate RenegadeThe Daystate "Renegade" has an advanced mechanical action with the groundbreaking hybrid, mechanical/electionic HTU trigger release. The ambidextruous stock features a fully adjustable butt pad, drop down pistol grip and forend accessory rail and the sidelever cocked action controls the daystate 10 shot auto-loading magazine. A single shot tray is available for competition use if needed.

Fully shrouded barrel, reversible solid alloy side lever, integral laser sight, LCD information screen and an array of safety systems.



Daystate GriffinThe Daystate "Griffin" is where field meets target. The perfect gun for those who want a single gun to both take to the target range or into the field.

The Griffin can be tailored for the perfect gunfit due to it's fully adjustable stock and user friendly adjustable trigger. A single shot tray can replace the 10 shot magazine for competition use. As standard the gun is supplied with an integral Huggett Precision Products Silencer reducing the sound level to a stealth like level.  Available in both .177 and .22.



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