Introducing the Beretta SL3

Introducing the Beretta SL3

The SL3 heralds a new era of Beretta premium shotguns, combining the finest Beretta technology available from various Beretta product families.

The result is a fusion of outstanding performance in the field with aesthetic beauty.

Handmade in Gardone Val Trompia by incredibly talented gunsmiths whose craftmanship, passion and pursuit of perfection drives Premium Gun atelier

The new SL3 platform is an elegant and reliable boxlock system engineered to provide the best performance in the field and to withstand intensive use.

Technical Features

  1. 1. Featuring a design unique to Beretta, the SL3 action offers the perfect action/barrel locking system, increasing the robustness and rigidity of the platform. The barrels are anchored at three separate points; hinge pins, lower hooks and locking pins. The opening and closing of the gun will remain smooth and effortless over time and no matter how much use (during validation the SL3 has shot more than 11,500 magnum cartridges with no issues).
  2. 2. Firing Mechanism. Fast, crisp trigger pulls thanks to the hammer leaf spring, as used in Beretta's medal winning competition shotguns.
  3. 3. Newly designed Ejectors are even more reliable and easier to inspect and clean.
  4. 4. Optima Bore HP barrels. The main ingredients which drive the stunning performance of the Beretta Steelium barrels are: the exclusive tri-alloy Beretta Steel (Ni, Cr, Mo) which is used, the deep drilling, the cold hammering process and the vacuum distension. The OptimaBore HP barrel profile has been specifically designed to provide excellent patterns with every type of shot: lead, steel and other lead alternatives

A fine English scroll engraving for a stunning traditional look.

The game scene features pheasants on the left, ducks on the right and a partridge on the underside. The ideal game shooting scene for a 12 gauge field, over and under.

The rounded and fluid design of the SL3 receiver emphasizes the flowing profile of the gun, enhancing its graceful looks while improving target acquisition. The unique shape of the top lever has been created to match the elegant lines of the top of the receiver. The tail end of the top lever is tapered, blending the slim shape of the receiver into the wood. A new design of trigger guard gives the SL3 a contemporary look.

Priced at £18,725.00 the 12g 30″ Scroll game version will be ready for delivery September / October 2018 in singles or pairs.

This gun will be produced in 26, 28, 30 and 32″ barrel lengths, 1/4 & 1/2 choked or multichoke and available as single guns or pairs.

The 20g version and the 12g sporter will be available shortly after.

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