Introducing Jordan Babbage

Introducing Jordan Babbage


The new addition to the Avalon family is Jordan Babbage - We'll let him introduce himself...

My name is Jordan Babbage and I'm 26 years old and I come from Bilbrook, Somerset. I've been brought up in the countryside and live on a farm which is where my love of shooting started.

I started shooting a rifle at 5 years old helping my father with deer managment and pest control. He introduced me to shotguns at 15 years old and I participated in local charity shoots and small game shoots. In time I was invited to shoot more and went to some local shooting grounds... I was hooked! I guess it's at that point I started my shooting career with much success as a junior shooter and again as a senior. To date I have achieved the following...

Jordan Babbage - Avalon Guns

- Sporting 2010 Junior Team Champions
- Sporttrap 2010 Junior Team Champions
- All round Winning Junior Team Champions 2011
- All round Junior Champion
- Sporttrap 2013 Junior Champion
- England Team English Skeet Cap
- England Team Sporting Cap
- English Skeet Gold Medal team winners at Home Internationals
- World English main event 3 person National Junior Team runners up at the World Sporting Championships in Texas


Avalon Guns - Jordan BabbageI was shooting well for a long time but not quite winning the overalls... just class wins. I decided to go visit Multiple time World Champion Clay Pigeon Shooter Ben Husthwaite, he took my shooting to another level! I still visit Ben throughout the year for lessons, to keep me improving, to pick his brains. I'm currently in AA in English Sporting in the CPSA but my running average is AAA which I hope to finish the season in. I also shoot Sporttrap which I'm AAA also.

I've had a fair few guns in my time, starting off with a Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon. I had this for a few months before switching to a Miroku MK60. From there I tried a Beretta SV10 which I liked, but it wasn't heavy enough so I decided to change to a Beretta DT10 which I had for a long time and loved it! Obviously in time I needed a change so I opted for a Browning 325 Custom 30" Teague Choked as I was shooting more skeet. This is the gun that took me to shoot for England in Skeet and Sporting. Further down the line I came to own a Miroku MK38 Trap and had it set up by Ben. That is the gun I still shoot today!