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Karen's Latest

Well 2019 was a great year for me, I felt that I’d managed to step up a level in my shooting ability.

In the past year I’ve learned a lot of things with regards to my attitude, self-belief, confidence and style of shooting. I was told when I started shooting that I’d adopt my own and I kind of just disregarded it thinking, well surely everyone just shoots the same, but it’s only now that I can physically see my own tweaks coming into play. It’s funny how the slightest changes can make you more confident and I’m happy now that I’m starting to put my own style into shooting.

Self-belief and confidence play such an important role, and not just in sport!

You are good enough, you can achieve your goals, hard work, determination and a whole load of love for yourself can turn it all around.

You make the decisions.

You decide your own destiny, in anything you do.

Life is full of choices, choose to do your best and the results will amaze you!

I should be writing my blog about shooting and all my plans for this year, such as the Essex Masters, Beretta World, British Open and other events beyond, but I now find myself referencing how this crazy, surreal situation of social distancing and weekly routines being disturbed through this virus COVID-19 has shaken the whole World, not just our shooting world. And has halted all our future plans for this year so far!

Obviously, I question if my standard of shooting will be affected by the fact that I can’t get out on the circuit and practice. I’m sure you all have similar feelings about not being able to take time to practice and keep your standard up, but at this moment it really just needs to be put in perspective.

The main importance is keeping everyone safe and well and getting through all this together.

We’re all in the same boat, all over the world and we should be ensuring we stay safe, staying home, thus helping the front-line medical services and hoping we get through this safely to be able to plan for the future.

I think we should all take a moment to see how fortunate a lot of us are with our family around us for support and company and think about the people who aren’t as fortunate, even more so at this current time.

Well, I hope to see you all out and about on the circuit sooner rather than later!

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Please all stay safe, stay well and stay home! Take Care. xx

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