Meet Dan Brain

Meet Dan Brain

My name is Dan Brain, I’m 26 years old and I am a full time gamekeeper for Batcombe shoot in Somerset.

Like a lot of people in the shooting community I have grown up around shooting and the countryside which has been a strong part of my life. I was rattling about in the back of a land rover with the dogs from as early as I can remember and spent every hour that I wasn’t at school out in the fields chasing rabbits and pigeons with an airgun or .410.

My first proper shotgun came from Avalon Guns when I was about 14, a Beretta silver pigeon S which I kept for a few years until I grew out of it and moved on to a 32” Miroku mk38. I used that gun until last year when I was well looked after by the guys at Avalon when I traded it in for a 32” Browning 725 that I am currently using.

I have always shot a few clays, the odd charity shoot here and there but it wasn’t until April last year, after going to a couple registered English sporting shoots, that I discovered just how addictive registered clay shooting actually was so I joined the CPSA

My first few scores in ESP put me quite low into B class but being quite competitive I was determined to get my scores up! This I have slowly done and I have now moved up into A class.

Over the next few years I would like to keep on improving my average and maybe even move up to AA class. This year I went to the Essex masters and really enjoyed the experience, however that is the only big competition I have been to so, moving forward, I would like to compete in some other major comps around the country.

I would like to finish by saying a big thank you to Avalon Guns for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for them.