What a year!!! It’s been incredible!

Just 10 months ago Avalon Guns took me under their wing and gave me the support and tools needed for me to gain some superb results! 

They made sure my Browning 525 fitted me correctly by having an appointment with Chris Symonds Gunsmith. Kitted me out with the Avalon brand clothing, and introduced me to Gamebore White Gold cartridges. Winning combination if ever I did say!

I remember Andy saying “you’ll go far with these” he was of course talking about the Gamebore White Golds, and he was right! Once I started using these I was noticing changes in the way the clay’s were breaking and to my scores, my confidence grew and I started to creep up in my class, winning more and more competitions and bringing home more trophies and money! 

Karen Brown Shooting TrophiesI made the Somerset Ladies Team for inter-counties Sporting and Sport Trap competitions and we took home the trophies on both of those! Go Somerset Ladies!!! I then started winning my class at registered CPSA competitions more often, and at the beginning of December I moved up to B class. Only shot two competitions since moving into the new class and already seeing results by coming 2nd in what was quite a tough shoot at Gunsite. (Those of you who attended will know the weather was insane!)

 Weather this time of year can be a challenge! Winter training is always harder than the Summer and some people don’t always shoot as much in the Winter, but I want to experience all sorts of conditions to ensure I have a wide variety of scenarios to cope with when out shooting. I believe it will help me in the long run, and it’s also another excuse to get the gun in the shoulder! (tee hee!)

 I just love this sport more and more as the days, weeks and months go on. The change in me as a person, the confidence I’ve found, the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made and the respect I’ve gained has been sublime. Why would you not want to do this?!..

 With the above in mind, I’m starting to see more and more positive results as the year has gone on which I’m over the moon about. I’ve also noticed more ladies getting out there and shooting compared to when I first started which is great news for the sport and amazing to see. Avalon Gun Shop is well equipped for us Ladies with a fantastic range of specialist guns at great prices too!

 I do keep pinching myself every day, I’m so very lucky and so very privileged and I can never take this for granted!

When you have such great backing from people it’s surprising how much of that support spurs you on to strive to be your best. Without Avalon Guns and the amazing people close to me I could never have gone on this unbelievable, thoroughly enjoyable, limit pushing and ever learning journey that I’m so grateful to be on right now! 

Karen Brown Avalon GunsSo I want to thank Andy and his team for the massive support that they are giving to me which enables the opportunities I could have only ever dreamt of before. It means the world to me and I will endeavour to do you all proud! 

I also want to thank YOU! The people reading this. The shooters that take time to stop and talk to me when they see me at grounds and ask how I am. The gorgeous new friends I’ve made along the way. The people that follow me on social media and show an interest as to how I’m getting on. It really does help, and I am genuinely so very grateful for your kind words and support.

I will be taking myself off to Herefordshire this weekend to squeeze one more Pheasant Shoot in before Christmas comes!

Which leads me on to say that I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. 

Keep an eye out for more from me in 2020...I have a lot on my ‘to do’ list already! 

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