Well, we’re back up and running!

Well, we’re back up and running!

I can’t thank the CPSA enough for all they did to get us back out as soon as possible, and to Nicola Heron for keeping us all sane and happy through lockdown with all those fantastic videos on the cpsa Facebook and Insta pages. So a massive applause to you all for that! Really appreciate it!

So now we’re back, how does everyone feel?

Did it take you longer than expected to return? I know I was slightly apprehensive upon the return, even though I knew precautions were put in place etc, I decided to leave it a couple of weeks before diving back in, just to see how the different grounds were handling the whole ‘new normal’ 

I quite like the idea of squadding, I only ever experienced that at the major shoots. But to have it now with a caddy/ref I don’t really see an issue with it at all and to be honest it moves so much smoother than crowding and waiting at stands to shoot. The only thing I would say is that I can no longer choose to dodge the rain! Once I’m booked in, I’m booked in! ha!

It’s funny how lockdown has affected peoples shooting in different ways! Some people have enjoyed the break, relaxed back into it and are finding that it’s been a massive help to them. Others I’ve spoken to have said it’s done the total opposite and not continually shooting for two months has made an impact on their shooting and taking them a little longer to get back into it.

How do you feel about it all since you’ve been back? I’d love to know!

I don’t feel like I’ve been covering much about shooting this year as it was a bit of a non starter and a bit odd since the whole Covid thing started back in March. So just starting to get back into the swing of it again now. I’ll make sure to get more material for Instagram and Facebook. As I know you all appreciate the content I put on and I’m really pleased with the feedback I’m getting from you all and knowing I’m inspiring and giving confidence to other young shots, ladies and new starters to get into the shooting world is a great feeling for me. I love helping others if I can.

So my next few big shoots that are luckily still being held this year are the British Open which I had shot on the 2nd September and the Beretta World on the 11th. 

I thought the British Open at Garlands this year was a great course! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learn a lot when I shoot these bigger competitions, so all very positive for me. I’m looking forward to the Beratta World on Friday of this week, I don’t own a Beretta so borrowing a semi-auto. I rarely shoot semi’s so that’s another new aspect I’m gaining, should be a fun day!

I love the bigger competitions as there’s more to learn from them, it’s a great day out with friends and with this new squadding system you get to meet other shooters you might not have met before. 

So I always look forward to those!

I hope everyone is safe and well and I look forward to seeing you out and about! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you’re not already! @klbrown525

Take care and have a great time shooting!