Where have I been?...

Where have I been?...

Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten you all, although you may have thought that to be the case and I don’t blame you! It’s been a while since I last reported in!

I do have a good excuse though! I’ve spent the last couple of month’s cramming in as much Shooting as possible! I didn’t think you’d mind?!....

I’d better tell you what I’ve been up to! As well as going to my weekly shoot at Cannington and attending a few Charity shoots over past weekends…. I’ve also been to various competitions throughout the country.

First one being Lyalvale Express Masters at Atkin Grant & Lang shooting ground at the end of April. We were squadded with some great lads who shot well and spurred me on throughout the shoot, thanks boys! It’s a shame the weather wasn’t nicer as it was a good course with some decent targets. Ended on 87x120 wasn’t too shabby for me, I was happy with the way I shot, could have gone a lot worse!

Then in May I attended the English Open at Hodnet, superb course, loved that shooting ground! Probably one of my more memorable and enjoyable major shoots I’d say. The last stand (15) was a reverse vertical teal fired from 140ft tower, straight down to the ground! Never seen a target like it in my life, and when I walked up to it, my mouth dropped as fast as the target did! I was totally lost on how I was going to shoot it! I had a quick debrief with Andy who suggested I have my gun hold at the top of the tower, go through it and give a ‘mahooosive’ (my technical mantra for huge) gap. I took the advice on board and ended up hitting 3x4 on that target. Even had a round of applause from the squad and spectators. THAT made me feel good!  Would love to go back and shoot there again sometime and if you’ve never been to that ground, I would definitely have it on your ‘go to’ list.

I then attended The Classic at Garlands shooting ground, Tamworth. Another 2 course layout, I liked shooting through the woods on the first course, going round was a bit slow because of breakdowns/no birds and only had 10 mins to break for lunch, and typically I had decided to make THE BIGGEST lunch that could have fed pretty much most of the people that were there that day…..(stems from good old Grandma Brown!) then back out for the second course. It wasn’t one of my favourite shoots, but again one I’d never experienced before, so another new ground and more never before seen targets to bang in the bank. Ended that one on 99x150

I mentioned in my last blog about trying to train my brain to be less conscious of what other shooters are doing and how their scores compare to mine, it doesn’t help me and puts unnecessary extra pressure on me. Since I’ve been shooting over the past couple of months, I have come to realise that all the over thinking I started to do is insignificant and I really need to get over myself! It took me a while to realise I shoot for myself and I’m always improving. I must also remind myself I’ve not been in this game very long at all and I have so much support from my fellow friends, shooters, followers and above all Avalon Guns who believe in me and know I have so much more to give! I’m extremely privileged to have the support and be able to pick my gun up and shoot pretty much as and when I can, something that should never be taken for granted!

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