Clenzoil - One Step Patch Kit (75 Patches)

Clenzoil - One Step Patch Kit (75 Patches)

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Clenzoil soaked pads ready for cleaning...



Our one step patches allows for you to take the same product you have trusted for years into the field in the form of a custom, fibre-woven, pre-saturated patch.

Each kit contains approximately 75 patches and is small enough to carry into the field with you.

Try cleaning your gun with your existing choice and THEN clean it again with Clenzoil. Youll be amazed at the left-behind dirt, gunk and sludge it will dislodge. Clenzoil can be just as effective as an expensive trigger job.

Theres also zero H2O in Clenzoil. As hard as it might be to imagine, there are companies today who are actually marketing Aqueous, or water based products to clean and lubricate fine firearms. Water based or water soluble products share several similar traits, here are a few.

First while they might all claim to be environmentally friendly, the simple truth is that may not be the case. In fact, the water component may actually accelerate the absorption of the complete product into the environment. Second, for obvious reasons, water based products are not recommended for use in extremely cold environments. Third, due to the dilution factor attributed to water based products, they are generally just not as powerful a cleaning agent as non-water soluble products. Finally, who really wants to knowingly subject their firearms to water or moisture Ask yourself why a company would use terms like Aqueous based instead of Water based if they didnt acknowledge the negative connotations of subjecting firearms to water.
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Additional Information

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