Avalon Guns Scholarship Programme

Avalon Guns Shooting Scholarship Programme

Are you aged between 12-21 and would like to become a brand ambassador for the UK's premier gun dealer?


If you match the the criteria above please use the form to get in touch and an application to become an Avalon Guns Brand Ambassador will be sent to you. We will then pick twenty five young individuals to attend the Avalon Guns open day being held at Mendip Shooting Ground on Sunday 9th June to shoot the 50 bird Avalon Guns sporting competition. 

Entry Fees for the day are as follows:

  • £29.50 - 50 CLAYS & 12 Gauge Cartridges payable to Mendip Shooting Ground
  • £34.00 - 50 CLAYS & 20 Gauge Cartridges payable to Mendip Shooting Ground. 

After the 50 bird sporting you will be individually invited to have a formal chat with the Avalon Staff and current brand ambassadors to discuss why you would like to join the Avalon Guns team. Unfortunately we can only pick three young individuals to represent Avalon Guns as a brand ambassador however everyone attending the day will receive a Avalon Guns hat! 

The three individuals selected to represent Avalon Guns will be presented with a thousand cartridges & Avalon Guns apparel on the day to congratulate them on there success. 

Going forward in the partnership you will receive discount on cartridges, guns and accessories for 12 months from Avalon Guns.

We're always trying to support the next generation of the sport and look forward to hearing from you. Closing date for entries is Saturday 1st June.